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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Good Chick Book!

Brrrr...... It is chili outside today.  A great day to curl up with a good book and a favorite blanket with some coffee on the side.  I can't resist a good Christian Romance, especially historical novels!  Of course I have my favorite novelists, but I love to discover new ones.  Some of my favorite oldies and newly discovered ones are, in no certain order:

Francine Rivers
Brock & Bodie Thoene
Kaye Dacus
Jane Austin
Cindy Bolton
Lori Wick
Tracie Petterson

and many more.  My personal preference is when the stories always include and sometimes encompass the following to deserve an A+ rating:

Real & Edgy

Clean with a Godly perspective

Happy Ending

I believe Jane Austin accomplishes this best, but leaves out the Godly element, although she is clean.  Other authors use most of these elements, but sometimes leave one or more out.  Some are too 'fluffy' and not 'real' enough for me.  None are 'too' real, but then they are all classified as Christian writers except Jane Austin.

I would never consider a 'nonChristian' book because they tend to go off the 'clean' mark that I require for my reading.  It is not that I am trying to 'do' the right thing, but I simply just do not like that kind of stuff.

I choose my books because I want to escape the reality of tragedy with no happy ending, but I want it to be real and believable. I want to be uplifted and happy when I am done reading a book, but captivated by the story and romance while reading it.  It is a fine line to accomplish.  The most accomplished author  for me encompasses all of these elements.  I believe this is what stands the test of time in writing a good chick book.


  1. Thanks for these titles, Gail. I wish I could spend more time escaping, but I am always led to read about the history of the Bible, research Bible times, and do comprehensive Bible study.
    Perhaps it is time I spend more leisure hours reading the work of others. I have some family problems right now with my two sons, and I certainly need an escape. Sandy

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